Psilocybe: Buy Alacabenzi Cubensis

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Buy Alacabenzi Cubensis

The Alacabenzi Cubensis is another popular strain of magic mushroom. This strain is great to beginners who do not want an overly intense hallucinogenic trip. This Magic Mushroom delivers an altered reality that produces more physical and spatial effects. At higher dosages you may experience warped balance and a deep body high. This is a great mushroom to have after a busy day.

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Buy Alacabenzi Cubensis


Buy Alacabenzi Cubensis, The Alacabenzi Cubensis is a very popular mushroom that belongs to the Psilocybe Cubensis family. This mushroom produces a similar effect to consumption of strong cannabis edibles. It delivers an altered reality that produces more physical and spatial effects. At higher dosages, it can warp balance and produce a deep body high similar to that found in the indica category cannabis. The Alacabenzi is a great strain for beginners who might not want an overly intense hallucinogenic journey.  This is also a great strain for evening use given that it focuses more heavily on body high rather than stimulate the mind.

In the shroom community, this mushroom is referred to as the “indica of mushrooms”. While you can still get some hallucinating effects, the majority of the effect is focused on the body and balance. This is a great mushroom to use when you’ve had a long day and want to kick back and relax. It is recommended to use this mushroom at home if you are inexperienced.

Dosage recommendations:

Creative dose: 0.5 Grams to 1.25 Gram

Medium Recreational dose: 1.5 Grams to 2 Grams

Full Recreational dose: 2 Grams to 3.5 Grams

!!Caution!! Do not mix magic mushroom products with alcohol or other anti-depression medication (SSRI) as it dulls the experience or blocks it completely.

Keep product stored at room temperature in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. Also keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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19 reviews for Psilocybe: Buy Alacabenzi Cubensis

  1. Lloyd Allen

    Fast shipping! Good looking quality product! Product was sealed but had loose mushroom bits and fibres in the bubble mailer but not inside the vacuum sealed pack kinda weird (not allot but deff not smell proof because of this ) Had a good trip! Only complaint would be prices $

  2. Elvira Modlin

    Pricey but still so grateful that this is available. Much needed for someone like me. Thank you CS.

  3. Paul Lui

    Just had 3g of this for my first time using psychedelics. Beautiful experience.

  4. Larry Simpson

    5 out of 5 service. Had 3 grams of this for my first time with psychedelics, and it turned out beautifully. Thanks CS!

  5. Bernice Whitaker

    The best product and the best service +100 !!!

  6. Hector Miles

    Buddy and I had a nice trip taking 2g each. The onset was mellow and smooth, felt like we were incredibly relaxed and melting into our chairs. And then proceeded to laugh uncontrollably for the next couple of hours at anything and everything. Never felt out of control, the room expanded and contracted with us as we listened to music and commented on how great everything was. Come down was soft and left the mind feeling clear and the soul happy.

    Next time I’ll take a larger dose as 2g wasn’t enough to alter visuals too much, but these were an incredibly smooth and satisfying trip. Would highly recommend to first time trippers or anyone wanting a lower key experience.

  7. Aaron Lopez

    Shidd lemme get some

  8. Darrel Johnson

    Bought these and tried them for the first time. Shipping was super quick and taking my first dose of 2g was just right for me anyway. I can see why these are suggested as a first time user. Thanks

  9. Kevin Yerby

    Had a very nice time. I ordered the Alacabenzi Cubensis on 11th June and received them on the 13th. Very pleasant experience and I would recomment CS to anyone who is planning on exploring what the mushroom has to offer.

  10. Albert Bailey

    Holy cow. I took them while skiing and well… I couldn’t experience much as there was fog and rain. I saw a lot of things in front of me which caused me to break hard but it was fun. Once I entered the chalet it began, everyone had a trace behind them, like in the movies where you are slow motion and everyone is walking past you with their traces behind them. I went to eat and had a calming effect. Only had about 6 small pieces cause I haven’t had them for years so I wanted to come back to shrooms slowly. 10/10 would recommend for someone who doesn’t want to go too deep into a trip

  11. Louise Ehmann

    the trip I had last night took me out of this world and into many others it was incredible the god like Sprite that show her self to me was a new thing for me on psilocybin, time it self was of no meaning such long steaches of time past on my journey and when I came back to body it had only been a hour or so, every time I was so aware of the difference between mind and body. just wow thanks! the only reason I give it 4 ? s not 5 is because of the price it’s a little much

  12. Samuel Howell

    Had an absolute blast!! Great strain. This site is amazing thank you guys so much!!!

  13. Karen C. Eye

    Vacuum packed and had a taste that reminded me of pumpkin seeds. 3 gram dose was perfect for me as more would have been too intense but less wouldn’t have gotten the results. Hard to describe, other than just a pleasant sense of euphoria that lasted about 6 hrs. Will try the Cuban Cubensis next.

  14. Hector Miles

    Amazing product. I had 3 grams of those and had a very nice and pleasurable trip 🙂
    Highly recommend.

  15. Jonathan J. Lamb

    I can always rely on your guys for potent product and nice fast delivery. thank you, still got the suitcase from fear and loathing.

  16. Kurt Sano

    The 2 out of 5 stars is for the shrooms themselves, the service from CS is 5 out of 5. These Alacabenzi Cubensis were honestly disappointing, the I got from here were far superior, those were incredible. It’s all personal preference I guess, I just found these to be weak. No colourfulness, they lack the intensity and energy i’m used to with shrooms.

  17. Breanna Godbey

    Great product and fast delivery in sealed vacuum packaging . I ordered 3 grams and splitted it with my girlfriend. We both had a great time.

    I’m so happy I found you. Thanks!

  18. William Phillips

    I am sixty and in excellent health. The last time I did mushrooms was in the mid eighties. Been strictly a cannabis user most of my life. Those eighties mushrooms were nothing compared to these Big Mex mushrooms. I expect I had zero tolerance going in. I took 1 full gram the first trip accompanied by a joint of Dank Sinatra. One hour to peak. The next hour was intense indeed but very manageable. the last hour the intensity was reduced but still very pleasant. The colors were so rich and vibrant. they seemed to be bleeding into each other and there was this sort of fog in my apartment. Not blurred vision since areas of my apartment outside the fog were still sharply defined although I experienced quite a fair amount of spacial distortion, sort of like looking through a fish eye lens. My apartment looked like a painting and not like it does when I’m straight. Some auditory hallucinations. OEV’s were amazing. Not much in the way of CEV’s.The sunset on my balcony was amazing. Some wispy clouds were moving in a serpentine manner. 3 hours after ingestion I was back to normal. Zero digestive upset. Slept great and woke up feeling great. Second trip (1.5 grams) was great but not as amazing as the first (2 days apart). I guess I built up a tolerance. The price is the only downer but it’s better to pay extra for quality I guess. Overall, these shrooms exceeded my expectations.

  19. Michael A. Meyer

    These are very strong. Insane trip. Time stood still. Took them with my wife. I did 1 gram. And holy crap. Tripped balls. Completely separated from this reality. I could not remember the purpose of life. It was surreal. Like I was living a dream. And went back to the real reality. Intense. 4 hours of trip. Many more still feeling the after affects. Best shrooms ever!! Make sure your house is clean. Very clean. Because everything will be intensified. And look out of place. It will drive you completely insane as you start coming back to this reality

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